Web Font

Web fonts let you link any TrueType fonts into your web pages using CSS, freeing you from the old limited set of standard fonts. They are supported in all modern (well, future) browsers: Firefox 3.1+, Opera 10+, Safari 3.1+, and also IE4+.

Page download size is critical as it directly affects the performance experienced by users, and many TTF files are hundreds of kilobytes in size. This web service makes web fonts more efficient, stripping out the thousands of characters that you don't need and leaving only those you want, while preserving the high-quality rendering features that the fonts may include.

Warning: highly experimental. The generated fonts are definitely probably maybe buggy and you shouldn't rely on them working reliably. Feedback and bug reports would be appreciated.

The font-subsetting source code is available here.

• First, select the font to use: (This is a random assortment of freely distributable and modifiable fonts. I should add some organisation some time. Also I should try to find some more decent free fonts. If any font designer chooses to license their fonts to allow modification, I'd be happy to feature them here.)

• Next, enter the text you want to use with the font – only characters in this text will be included in the font:

• Finally, click this button:

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